Dun Laoghaire Habour
Perhaps Ireland's oldest town Dun Laoghaire is situated on the southern end of Dublin Bay. It is on the Dart line and is approximately half an hour's drive from the city centre. This suburb takes its name from King Laoire who had a great fort in the centre of the existing suburb, but nothing remains today of the fort that was destroy in 1803.

When the harbour was built here the town grew as a trading town, up until this it was a small fishing village. The habour is still busy, there are four waterfront yacht clubs located between the East and West Piers. In addition there are two umbrella Clubs, without premises, the Dublin Bay Sailing Club, founded in 1884 and the Royal Alfred Yacht Club, founded in 1857. in the Coal Harbour a boatyard is provided for people who do not have access to Yacht Clubs or storage facilities. The two public slipways provide popular access to the water and are a hive of activity in the summer months.

The busy harbour today provides a senic walk and is popular with visitors and locals alike, and on the west pier you’ll find a popular location for angling, one can always expect to see a line of fishermen standing at the end of the Pier. Its tradition in the area to finish you walk with a visit to Teddy’s a famous ice-cream parlour located near the west peir.

The National Maritime Museum is aptly housed in the old Mariners’ Church which was built to meet the needs this busy port town. Although today the building is very different and the seating has been removed, the prisoner’s docks are still in existence, were those under punishment aboard ship could be kept under guard while still attending Sunday service. It now houses an impressive naval display.

The Peoples Park is Dun Laoghaires public park, every Sunday a market takes place here selling foods crafts and wines.

The nearby Lambert Puppet Theatre, Clifton Lane, Monkstown, is the only purpose built puppet theatre in Ireland. The theatre operates throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays, presenting there own productions at the Theatre. The Puppet Theatre also plays host to visiting puppet companies as well as the annual event The International Puppet Festival.

The Pavilion Theatre stands on the site of the old Pavilion which offered generations of people in Dun Laoghaire everything from ballet to firework displays, before it burnt down. Now rebuilt this theatre offers theatre, opera, music (classical and popular) as well as comedy.

Dún Laoghaire stills provides excellent shopping value and entertainment, with plenty of pubs, clubs and restaurants to choose from.

The Tourist Office is at the bottom of Marine Road, by the Harbour.

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